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The length of the cold storage is double its breadth . its height is 3 metres . The area of its four walls (including doors) is 108 m^2. Find its volume .

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Solution: Let lenght , breadth and height of the cold storage be l metres and h metre respectively . Then , l =2b (given ) and h = 3 metres .

               Now , 

                         area of four walls = 108 m^3

Rightarrow                     2(l+b)h=108

Rightarrow                     2(2b+b)	imes 3= 108

Rightarrow                       18b =108Rightarrow b=6 metres

	herefore                      l=2bRightarrow l=12metres

Hence , volume of the cold storage  =(lbh)m^3=(12	imes6	imes3)m^3=216m^3

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Deependra Verma

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