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The story kabuliwala presents a living example of human relationship . Discuss

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The Kabuliwala Presents a living example of human relationships. This is a true statement, this beautiful story is written by Rabindranath Tagore. It shows the perfect example of a Human relationship because he ties a mutual affection between Mini, who was a 5year old Girl and There was Rahmat, a Kabuliwala.

He practically doesn't know the person Mini but he sees her as his own Daughter selling Raisins, Nuts, and Apricots without any cost. He doesn’t think once that they got a loss in his business. Mini and Kabuliwala were the most beloved friends I have ever seen. This story shows how time tests someone’s Relationship and they are the perfect examples in this world. This story also shows the enduring strengths of Human relationships. His Busy schedule takes up their time to spend on Mini.

He also Imprisoned for years in the charge of Physical assault. So. We can say that this story is all about the Strong relationship between Mini and Kabuliwala which becomes Immortal

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Deependra Verma

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