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The thickness of a metallic tube is 1 cm and the inner diameter of the tube is 12cm . Find the weight of 1m long tube , if the density of the metal be 7.8 gm/cm^3.

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Solution: We have , 

                 Inner diameter of the tube =  12cm 

	herefore              r= Inner radius of the tube = 6cm 

                Thickness of the tube = 1cm 

	herefore             R = Outer radius of the tube =  (6+1)cm = 7cm 

                h = Length of the tube = 1m = 100cm 

	herefore             Volume of the metal in the tube 

                =pi(R^2-r^2)h= frac227	imes (7^2-6^2)	imes 100 cm^3=frac227	imes 13 	imes 100 cm^3

               Density of the metal = 7.8 gm/cm^3

	herefore            Weight of the tube   =  Volume 	imes Density

Rightarrow           weight of the tube = frac227	imes 13 	imes 100 	imes 7.8 gm


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