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Themes in the story indian heroes by anonymous

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Themes in the Story Indian Heroes.

1. Our aspirations - Children were given a project by the class teacher to tell who would they like to be when they grow up. They have to prepare a speech on this topic. It can be a male or female character. The person need not be famous. They don't have to choose a proffession but talk just about the person. 

2. My role model-the names taken by children showed that the children wanted to do their best. They wanted to be a cricketer like a famous cricketer or a social worker like their parents or a pilot because they like the thrill of flying.

3. A different answer - Kabeer on the other hand gave a very different answer, he wanted to save people's life. He wanted to become like those people who have given their life to save other people. He choose those people who have become immortal. 


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