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Write a article on self quarantine day As how you spend your days during lockdown and what you learn or what you wanted to learn.?

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                      Article on- Self Quarantine Days

                                                Article by - Rakesh/Rumi

Nowadays we are living in a special situation in which we are living in self quarantine. Self Quarantine is known as a period of two weeks when we are not in contact with our friends and extended family members directly but through phones, laptop, computers and another social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We stay at our homes and go outside only for necessary activities such as buying groceries and food items. We stay at our home, in our room and avoid direct contact with even family members. 

During this lockdown, I spent my days by watching TV, listening to songs on radio, phone, laptop, computer and avoiding bad news and newspaper. Instead e newspaper is read. We listen and read only important and necessary news and suggestions. Most of the time is spent in cleaning our rooms, our house and sanitising things that are brought from outside. We also sanitize windows, doors and other things. We always wear mask, sometimes double masks when we go out of our home to a nearby shop. Things, materials, groceries and clothes are ordered online by people. Food items like vegetables, fruits are brought by vendors who sell vegetables by going door to door. Thus, life in lockdown is very tough. Shops are closed and only those things that are important for us are allowed in the houses and residential area. Going out of the house is avoided and wearing masks, social distancing, cleaning hands is done from time to time. 


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Deependra Verma

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