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Write a letter to your friend explaining the way how you celebrated new year . Please be fast , I need it urgently

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B- 76 Punjab Bagh

New Delhi 110027


Date - 31st May, 2021


Subject - Regarding celebrating new year

Dear friend, 

How are you? I am fine. I hope you are fine too. On this new year I invited you to my house but for some personal reasons you couldn't make it. I am thus, sharing the details of how we celebrated new year. This year like every year we bought a cake, it was a raspberry cake with cream. I invited all my closest friends we celebrated by eating cakes, chips, chocolates and toffees. We also danced to the beats of latest songs of  both Hollywood and Bollywood. We ate and danced and played games like antakshari, ludo and carrom  board with family and friends and this is how we celebrated our new year. I hope you will be there next time with me and we will together celebrate new year. Lots of love and wishes from my side. Waiting for your response. 

Your best friend


Posted by

Deependra Verma

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