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You had watched a documentary on national geographic , where the ice caps were shown to be melting fast and glaciers were reading . prepare an effective speech on the threat of global warming is at our doorstep(150 words)..

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The Threat of Global Warming is at our Doorstep

The term Global Warming means global at world level the temperature of earth is increasing. Thus, the temperature of Earth is increasing every year. This increase in temperature is causing problems as it is causing glaciers to melt and increasing the water level. Increase in temperature and melting of glaciers is causing problems to wildlife. Animals and plants living in cold regions such as Anatartica where animals are finding it difficult to adapt in hot temperature.

Due to various human causes such as deforestation, industrialisation, burning of fossil fuels, excessive vehicles, excessive use of AC has caused the temperature to increase gradually. The environment changes caused by these causes are evident in newspaper, sudden changes in seasons, acid rain and other forms of infection and diseases that have occurred.

This threat has literally reached our door steps and has started affecting the environment both living and non living things. Due to the large amount of fossil burning and use of coal lots of pollution is produced. This pollution causes smoke and stays in  our environment and later come down in form of smog during winters and acid rain during rainy season which is causing various skin problems and infections.

Lately the problem of corona virus has also highlighted how our actions are responsible for this chaos. Ignoring warnings, not listening to suggestions, spitting anywhere, urinating publicly, open defecation our some examples of how we have reached here. So, it is not at all surprising that threat of global warming is not only real but the consequences of our negligence towards the environment is evident in our day to day life. We will surely feel the consequences of our attitude. 

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