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An object having mass = 2kg  experience a forceF= 2t^{2}\widehat{i} in x - direction. Find work done by force in first 3 sec.

Given,  m = 2 kg F  = 2t^2 i a = F/m =  2t^2/2 = t^2 i Assuming initial velocity was zero, u = 0 We know that, dw = F.dx Put t = 3 secs W = 81 J  

15506823947031525114993.jpgA rectangular coil of single turn, having area A, rotates in a uniform magnetic field B with an angular velocity \omega about an axis perpendicular to the field. If initially the plane of the coil is perpendicular to the field, then the average induced emf when it has rotated through 900 is