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\ {rac{a x_{1}+b y_{1}+c z_{1}+d}{a x_{2}+b y_{2}+c z_{2}+d}=0} \;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\; {	ext { (same side) }} \\ {rac{a x_{1}+b y_{1}+c z_{1}+d}{a x_{2}+b y_{2}+c z_{2}+d}=\infty} \;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;{	ext { (opposite side) }}

In that case, one of the points lies in the plane if the value is zero then quotient point is in the plane and vice versa

by connecting the high resistance Rh in series to the circuit containing galvonometer.


The prefix poly means many. So the word polynomial refers to one or more than one term in an expression. The relationship between these terms may be sums or differences. You call expression with a single term a monomial, an expression with two terms is a binomial, and expression with three terms is a trinomial. Here we are only discussing Binomial along with their exponents.
Current density is a vector quantity
Let   be an additional periodic force apart from the restoring force and the damping force,   then Amplitude in forced oscillation given by                     Where     is called a natural angular frequency. and   is the angular frequency of the driving force.    
The general equation of angular SHM is given by  Similarly, The angular velocity if the bob which is in angular SHM is given by 
It is called the "zeroth" law because it came to light after the first and second laws of thermodynamics had already been established and named, but was considered more fundamental and thus was given a lower number , i.e zero.
Yes. The ratio of two extensive properties of the same object or system is an intensive property. For example, the ratio of an object's mass and volume is called density, And density is an intensive property. But both object's mass and volume are extensive properties.
Open system - an open cup of coffee,  closed system-a cup of coffee with a lid on it
Electricity is a general word used to explain phenomena caused due to charge under rest or motion. In electrostatic we study about charge under rest and in current electricity we study about the flow of electric charge through a region.
Assumption taken is that the mass of each molecule and diameter of each molecule is constant. Then only condition of hyperbola is satisfied.
Chain Rule is one of the most important concepts in Differentiations That's why we will discuss it in upcoming concepts till then you can take some basic idea of this concept Thanking You !!
Rate of Loss of Heat=    Rate of Cooling=        According to Newton's Law of Cooling  I.e              When body Cools by Radiation from    to theta  in time t                                                                                                                                       Then                                                                                                  ...
If an ordinary body at temperature  is surrounded by a body at a temperature                       Then according to Stefan Boltzmann law                                 
Wien's displacement law is useful for determining the temperatures of hot radiant objects such as stars, and it is also useful for a determination of the temperature of any radiant object whose temperature is far above that of its surroundings.