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Which of the following factors is of no significance for roasting sulphide ores to the oxides and not subjecting the sulphide ores to carbon reduction directly?

  • Option 1)

    CO_{2} is more volatile than  CS_{2}

  • Option 2)

    Metal sulphides are thermodynamically more stable than CS_{2}

  • Option 3)

    CO_{2} is thermodynamically more stable than  CS_{2}

  • Option 4)

    Metal sulphides are less stable than the corresponding oxides

As we learnt in Roasting - It is heating of the ore in presence of air below its fusion temperature. - wherein 2PbS +3O3  2PbO + 2SO2   The reduction of metal sulphides by carbon reduction has positive   whereas,  is negative for the same process with metal oxides. So, metal sulphides are more stable than oxides.    Option 1) is more volatile than  This option is incorrect. Option 2) Metal...