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C' = KC C' = 110pF , C = 50pF 110 = K x 50 K= 110/50 = 2.2  Thus, K = 2.2[no units]  for oil
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The components of the resultant force on it along & perpendicular to the string and the acceleration of one of the balls as follows:  
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As we have learned Series Grouping - - wherein     Given network can be simplified as follows     Given that equivalent capacitance between A and B i.e., CAB But    hence       Option 1) Option 2) Option 3) Option 4)
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As we have learned Gauss's Law - Total flux linked with a closed surface called Gaussian surface. Formula:   - wherein No need to be a real physical surface. Qenc - charge enclosed by closed surface.     By using     Option 1) Option 2) Option 3) Option 4) None of the above
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As we hav learnt,   when Charged Particle at rest in uniform field - Kinetiv Energy - -    Kinetic energy   Option 1) Option 2) Option 3) Option 4)
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As we have learnt,   Neutral Point due to two unlike Point - - wherein Where, x = distance between Q1 and Q2 Let the electric field is zero at a point P distance d from the charge +Q so at P. Since d> a i.e. point P must lies on negative x-axis as shown at a distance x from origin hence Actually P lies on negative x-axis so . Option 1) Only  Option 2) Only  Option 3) Both  Option 4)
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Answer :- C

Option 1 says to controll speed . But for that pourpose we can use another materials, hence it is incorrect.

Option 2 says to keep center of gravity near earth . But for that we can decrease height of carrier, hence it is incorrect.

Option 3 says to keep body near earth, here due to friction of air spark can be genrate hence we use metallic wire which are connected to earth causing earthing and prevent accident, hence it is correct.

Option 4 says that nothing should place under carrier it will make spark  and an accident.

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