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The direction of centripetal acceleration and the tangential acceleration is always perpendicular in non-uniform circular motion.
A concave surface is a surface that curves inward. while A convex surface is a surface that curves outward.
The phenomenon of raising the outer edge of the curved road above the inner edge is to provide a necessary centripetal force to the vehicles to take a safer turn on the curved road is called Banking of Roads.
For the below figure we can say that The  maximum angle with the vertical axis we can bend our cycle to avoid skidding on the road is given by where V = velocity r = radius of track  angle with which cycle leans  
 The maximum angular velocity of rotation of the platform, so that object will not skid on it. Is given by where Angular velocity r = radius  coefficient of friction
From the figure we can say that the maximum velocity by which vehicle can turn on a circular path of radius r  So that the vehicle does not skid away from the road is given by where Safe vector move r = radius of the curve  coefficient of friction  
From the figure  We can say that  The minimum angular velocity a biker should rotate in a circular motion on the wall of death well so that it does not fall down will be given by  where    = minimum angular velocity coefficient of friction r = radius of Rotor
As shown in figure  Centripetal Force F acts on the body along the radius and towards the center. And it is given by where  F = Centripetal force  Angular velocity n = frequency
The pseudo force on the cart will act towards left direction.  
For the below figure S is given by where  coefficient of friction S = distance traveled g = gravity u=initial velocity
For the below figure          The distance S is the same. And using this concept we get  Where  coefficient of friction  Angle of inclination n = an integer
Whether the chain remains on a table or slides down from the table will depend on the  Length of the l' part. Let's try to understand this with the help of the following video.
The motion of the system will depend on the mass of Body B. Let's try to understand this with the help of the following the video.
Friction between the sliding surfaces of two objects can be reduced by making the surfaces in contact smooth by polishing them. Sliding friction between the moving parts of vehicles can be reduced by using oil, grease or graphite.
When the body is moving with some acceleration, then the frictional force acting on the body is kinetic friction.
For the below figure  For the minimum value of P, its angle from the horizontal should be equal to the angle of friction. I.e   = angle of friction. And the minimum value of P is given by
For the below figure The minimum value of P  to avoid sliding of a body down on an inclined plane is given by Where 
The angle of repose is defined as the angle of the inclined plane with horizontal such that the body is placed on it just begins to slide.