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Directions : In a certain code language, the codes for some words are as follows NATION            -           agvnab REMOTE          -           agvnab STAIR               -           efgnv FORMAL           -           bensyz COMMON         -           zabzpb FOR                 -           ebs What is the code for ‘SCREEN’? Option 1) fepcraOption 2) fpersaOption 3) None of theseOption 4)...
If ROSE is coded as 6821, CHAIR is coded as 73456 and PREACH is coded as 961473, what will be the code for SEARCH? Option 1) 246173Option 2) 214673Option 3) 214763Option 4) 216473Option 5) None of these
In a certain code, GOODNESS is coded as HNPCODTR. How is GREATNESS coded in that code? Option 1) HQFZUODTROption 2) HQFZUMFRTOption 3) HQFZSMFRTOption 4) FSDBSODTROption 5) HQFZUFRTM
If PORTER is written as QNSSFQ, then BRIGHT would be coded as Option 1) CQJFIS Option 2) CNJHSIOption 3) CQJFGSOption 4) CNJHIUOption 5) CNJHIS
In a certain code, GIGANTIC is written as GIGTANCI. How is MIRACLES written in that code? Option 1) MIRLCAESOption 2) MIRLACSEOption 3) RIMCALSEOption 4) RIMLCAESOption 5) RIMSCASE
In a certain code language, QUEUE is written as Q 22, and CHURCH is written as 1UR1. Which of the following would be most appropriate code for BANANA in that language? Option 1) B5A5Option 2) 5N5AOption 3) B55AOption 4) BA5A5AOption 5) B5A5A
In a certain code SOCIAL is written as TQFMFR, then how you will code DIMPLE? Option 1) EKPTQKOption 2) EKPQPJOption 3) EKPSPJOption 4) EKPSOHOption 5) None of these
In a certain code, RIPPLE is written as 613382 and LIFE is written as 8192. How is PILLER written in that code? Option 1) 318826Option 2) 318286Option 3) 618826Option 4) 328816Option 5) None of these
If FESTIVAL is coded as MBWJUTFG, then OPIUM would be coded as Option 1) NOHTLOption 2) NTHNOOption 3) NVJQPOption 4) None of theseOption 5) MUIPO
In a certain code, PRODUCTS is written as NPMBSARQ. How is COMPREHENSION written in that code? Option 1) AMKNPCFCLOMLQOption 2) AMKNPCFCLQGMLOption 3) AMKNPCFCLQGNLOption 4) AMKNPCFCKOMLOption 5) None of these
If in a certain language, COUNSEL is coded as BITIRAK, how is GUIDANCE written in that code? Option 1) EOHYZJBBOption 2) FOIYZJBBOption 3) FOHYZJBBOption 4) FHOZTBBJOption 5) None of above


If in a code language REMOTE is coded as ROTEME, which word would be coded as PNIICC?


  • Option 1)




  • Option 2)




  • Option 3)


    None of these


  • Option 4)




  • Option 5)




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In this, the S is repeated twice and 6 is also repeating. So, we can conclude the code for S is 6. Now I & R left.  So the code for R will be from 351 and code for I will be any other number which should not be there in the code of BRASS. So, the only option left for SIR is 617.  
The first letter, second letter, third letter, fourth letter are coded as +5, +4, +3, +2 Respectively. Code For SOUP => XSXR