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Assertion: The dimensional formula for relative velocity is the same as the dimensional formula for velocity change.
Reason: The relative speed Q of P w.r.t. is the ratio of the speed of P to the speed of Q.

Option: 1

Both assertion and reason are true, but the reason does not justify the assertion.

Option: 2

Both assertion and reason are true, and the reason justifies the assertion.

Option: 3

 The assertion is true, but the reason is false.

Option: 4

The assertion is false, but the reason is true.

Answers (1)


Answer: (3) The assertion is true but the reason is false.


The relative speed, that is, the subtraction of the vectors of two speeds, will also be a vector in the form of speed, so its dimensional formula does not change. Relative speed is measured not by calculating ratios, but by calculating differences.


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