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The truck’s initial odometer reads 400 kilometres. It drove for 04 hours and the final odometer showed 868 kilometres. Find out the approximate average speed of the truck.

Option: 1

16 m/s


Option: 2

32 m/s


Option: 3

20 m/s


Option: 4

40 m/s

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Velocity is the directional speed of a moving object, expressing the rate of change in position as perceived from a particular frame of reference and measured against a particular time standard. Velocity is a fundamental concept in kinematics, a branch of classical mechanics that describes the motion of objects.

Average Velocity =

\frac{total\ path\ of\ length\left ( s \right )}{total\ time\ taken\left ( t \right )}

According to the Question:

Given that:

Initial Odometer (S1) = 400 Kilometre

Final Odometer (S2) = 868 Kilometre

Time (t) = 04 hours.

We know that:

Average Speed (v) = \frac{\Delta s}{t}\


=114\ \frac{km}{hr}


Converting km/hr to m/s and multiplying km/hr by      \frac{5}{18}

We get:


Or, V=6.3\times5

Or, V= 31.5\frac{m}{s}\approx32\frac{m}{s}





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