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The maximum age limit 22year as in 1june of admission for candidates belonging to SC category

The person with the blood group A will have antigen A and antibody b. The person can donate blood to the persons having the blood group A or AB.  He can receive blood from A or O blood group. The donation and the receiving of the blood groups are decided with the compatibility of the antigens and the antibodies so that they do not react and cause coagulation.
The sex of a human having XXY chromosomes with 22 pairs of autosomes is male. A person usually has 46 chromosomes in each cell, which is divided into 23 pairs out of which 22 pairs of chromosomes are called autosomes, and the 23rd pair is known as Sex chromosome. In general, there are only two genes in the sex chromosome, and if there are three genes in the sex chromosomes, then that is a...
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Podocytes play an important role in glomerular function. Together with endothelial cells of the glomerular capillary loop and the glomerular basement membrane they form a filtration barrier. Podocytes cooperate with mesangial cells to support the structure and function of the glomerulus.
Here is the list of prominent private medical colleges in Telangana: Private Medical Colleges in Telangana Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Hyderabad. ... Army College of Dental Sciences, Secunderabad. ... Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad. ... Kamineni Academy of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Hyderabad. ... Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences,...
Hello Dear, It's difficult to tell you the accurate possibility because each year rank and cutoff changes. But according to previous year cutoff you have chances to get admission in deemed university . To know the admission process in various college as per your percentile i recommend you to use the college predictor tool . https://medicine.careers360.com/neet-college-predictor?icn=QnA&ici=qna_answer
General Category/EWS: 720-147 OBC: 146-113 SC: 146-113 ST: 146-113 General Category/EWS-PWD: 146-129 With a score of 195, it is difficult for a seat in any course that conducts admission based on NEET score. But if you have decided about studying Medicine, you have to reappear for NEET in 2021 and score real good. That will be the only option because with this score, you cannot even get Private...

dna itself a genetic material ..(your question is wrong)

Your rank  is quite high. With this you may not be able to get into the deemed government institutions with All India Quota Seats if you do not avail your category rank or State Quota. Since your question is incomplete and doesn't mention which college you wish to know of, here are a list of MBBS and BDS colleges in Delhi that you have a fair chance in: University College of Medical Sciences,...
Dear Student, it is quite difficult to provide you with your exact admission predictions. We first try to figure out your corresponding rank for your obtained score. Comparing it with last years marks vs ranks, your rank should be around 45,300. Based on this rank and your category, given below is the list of some of the colleges you will be eligible for a seat in, JSS Medical College,...
Hello, Career's 360 college predictor tool uses advance algorithm to predict best colleges for students. It is very sad to hear  from you that it's not working. You can write an email at the below-mentioned email id and provide the details such as your registered email ID, mobile number, order ID. Email-ask@careers360.com
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  Rice contains carbohydrates in large amounts and other nutrients like proteins and fats in very small quantities. Rice only provides required amount of carbohydrates and not other nutrients like proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. All these nutrients are a part of a balanced diet.  So, the given statement is false.
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Gas exchange takes place in the  alveoli .  
Hi aspirant, Congratulations on your NEET score! Based on your rank, you should be able to get admission at the following government medical colleges through 70% Maharashtra state quota: Government Medical college, Chandrapur Govt Medical College, Latur Govt Medical College, Miraj Govt Medical College, Jalgaon You have good chances of admission at several other medical colleges too. To find...