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To remove metabolic waste from the body. these waste are produced from the chemical reaction in the body such as carbon dioxide, water, salts, urea and uric acid.
As per experts, it is advised to the students appearing for the exam to consider NCERT BOOKS of 11th and 12th class. The mode of the exam is a computer-based test and most of the question is asked from NCERT class 11th and class 12th. With the help of NCERT book, students can prepare and strengthen their NCERT concepts and formulas before moving towards other study materials. 

Rank 1: Nishita Purohit

Category: General

Percentile: 100

State: Gujarat

Rank 2: Archit Gupta

Category: General

Percentile: 100

Rank 3: Tamoghna Ghosh

Category: General

Percentile: 99.9993066

State: West Bengal

 Rank 4: Nipun Chandra

Percentile: 99.9992884

Category: General

State: Odisha

Rank 5: Harsh Agarwal

Category: General

Percentile: 99.9986132

 Rank 6: Rishav Raj

Category: OBC

Percentile: 99.9985767

 Rank 7: Harshit Anand

Category: General

Percentile: 99.9979198

 Rank 8: Rinku Sarmah

Category: General

Percentile: 99.9978651

 Rank 9: Abhishek Dogra

Category: General

State: Maharashtra

Percentile: 99.9972264

Rank 10: Manish Moolchandani

Category: General

Percentile: 99.9971535

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