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In this chapter, you have completed: 35 concepts Few doubts, important facts, points to remember etc. More than 70 number of Questions, Solutions, and Examples   In this chapter, firstly you read concepts of "Rotational motion” and then moved to “application of Rotational motion” and finally to the concept and application of "Combined rotational and translation motion". Apart from this there...
Suppose the uniform rod is hinged to one end and the other end is free. What is the moment of inertia of the rod about the hinged point ?
No, it is not. Center of mass is the point at which the object can be balanced and treating a collection of masses as one mass at their common centre of mass. Center of gravity is the point from which the force of gravity acts on an object or system.
A deform-able or flexible body is one that can distort. It would normally refer to a solid object so that as it deforms, it sort of deforms in a way that it could return to its starting shape if all the external forces were removed that caused it to deform. Examples are a belt drive, rope drive, rubber band, very thin steel sheets etc.