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A bird is tossing between two cars moving towards each other on a straight road. One car has a speed of 18 m/h while the other has the speed of 27 km/h. The bird starts moving from first car towards the other and is moving with the speed of 36 km/h and when the two cars were separated by 36 km. What is the total distance covered by the bird? What is the total displacement of the bird?

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We can find out the relative speed of the cars by adding the speed of the two cars

= 27 + 18

= 45 km/hr

Time \; taken \: to \: meet = \frac{Distance \; between \; cars}{relative \; speed \; of \; the \; cars}

                                            =\frac{36}{45}=\frac{4}{5}  hours

Hence, the distance that the bird will cover in \frac{4}{5} hours =36(\frac{4}{5})=28.8\; km.

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