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A car starts from rest and moves along the x-axis with constant acceleration 5ms^{-2} for 8 seconds. If it then continues with constant velocity, what distance will the car cover in 12 seconds since it started from the rest?


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For first eight seconds the car is moving with constant acceleration with zero initial velocity.

Hence, we can use equations of motion to find out distance and final velocity after that time interval of eight seconds.

s =ut +\frac{1}{2}at^{2}

v = u + at

where u=0 , a =5 , t=8

By putting values

s = 160 m

v = 40 m/s

Now for the next four seconds the car will move with constant speed of 40 m/s. Hence, in this time interval it will travel 160 m.

There for total distance travelled will be 320 m.

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