Daniel is painting the walls and ceiling of a cuboidal hall with length, breadth and height of 15 m, 10 m and 7 m respectively. From each can of paint  100 m^{2} of area is painted. How many cans of paint will she need to paint the room?


Answers (1)

Total area painted by Daniel : 

                                                     = 2(15\times10+10\times7+7\times15) - 15\times10                                   (\because  Bottom surface is excluded.)

So,  Area                     

                           = 650 - 150\ m^2 = 500\ m^2

No. of cans of paint required   

                                                  =\frac{ 500\ m^2}{100\ m^2} = 5

Thus 5 cans of paint are required.