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Figure 10.2 shows a standard two-slit arrangement with slits S1, S2. P1, P2 are the two minima points on either side of P (Fig. 10.2). At P2 on the screen, there is a hole and behind P2 is a second 2- slit arrangement with slits S3, S4 and a second screen behind them.



A. There would be no interference pattern on the second screen but it would be lighted.
B. The second screen would be totally dark.
C. There would be a single bright point on the second screen.
D. There would be a regular two slit pattern on the second screen

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The answer is the option (d)

Wavefront is the plane where every point on given wave front is the source of disturbance which are known as secondary wavelets.

The wavefront emitted by a narrow source is divided in two parts by reflection, refraction or diffraction. The coherent sources so obtained are imaginary.

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