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Can reflection result in plane-polarized light if the light is incident on the interface from the side with higher refractive index?

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If Brewster’s angle is equal to the incident angle, then the transmitted light is slightly polarized, while the reflected light is plane-polarized.

Polarisation by reflection occurs when the angle of incidence is Brewster's angle.

i.e. \tan i_R = ^1 \mu_2 =\frac{\mu_2}{\mu_1} \; where\; \mu_2 < \mu_1

When the light rays travel in such a medium, the critical angle is

\sin i_e = \frac{\mu_2}{\mu_1} \; where\; \mu_2 < \mu_1\\\\ As \; \left | \tan i_B \right |>\left | \sin i_e \right | for \; large \; angles\; i_B>i_e

Thus the polarization by reflection occurs definitely.


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Gurleen Kaur

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