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Gametophyte is a dominant phase in the life cycle of a bryophyte. Explain.

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The dominant phase in bryophytes is represented by gametophytic plants. The gametophyte is self-reliant, photosynthetic, and erect. Antheridia and archegonia are developed and found on the gametophyte. These male and female organs are multicellular in nature. The Antheridia and Archegonia carry the male and female gametes. The antheridium produces biflagellate antherozoids, while the archegonium produces a single egg. Water helps to carry the antherozoids to the archegonium. The antherozoids flagellate, which gives them the feature to be motile. After the process of fertilisation, the zygote is formed. The zygote develops into a multicellular figure called a sporophyte.

The sporophyte in bryophytes is smaller comparably and is not self-reliant. The sporophyte is attached to the gametophyte and gets it nutrition from the gametophyte. The gametophyte has control over the life cycle of a bryophyte in every phase. The gametophyte is self-independent and photosynthetic. The size of the gametophyte is larger in size as compared to the sporophyte. Also, the sporophyte is not independent and holds on to the gametophyte for nutrition.

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