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Heterospory, i.e., the formation of two types of spores – microspores and megaspores are a characteristic feature in the life cycle of a few members of pteridophytes and all spermatophytes. Do you think heterospory has some evolutionary significance in the plant kingdom?

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 Yes, heterospory has evolutionary significance in plant kingdom because heterospory is the formation of two types of spores differentiating in the size and the sex, microspores, and megaspores. Microspores are the male who is smaller in size, and megaspores are the female who is larger in size. In Pteridophytes, the microspores and megaspore sprout together to give rise to male and female gametophytes. In the end, the zygote matures in the female gametophyte. Seeds make it possible for gymnosperms and angiosperms to survive long periods of hostile conditions. Seeds have also made it possible for them to spread to a different geographical area by seed dispersal.

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