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In a npn transistor circuit, the collector current is 10mA. If 95 per cent of the electrons emitted reach the collector, which of the following statements are true?
A. The emitter current will be 8 mA.
B. The emitter current will be 10.53 mA.
C. The base current will be 0.53 mA.
D. The base current will be 2 mA.

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The answer is the option (b, c)

It is given here that; the collector current is 95% of the electrons reaching the collector after the emission. And Ic = 10 mA

I_{E}=emiter\: \: current\\ Also, I_{C}=\frac{95}{100}I_{E}\\ \Rightarrow I_{E}=\frac{10 \times 100}{95}=10.53mA\\ Also,I_{B}=I_{E}-I_{C}=10.53-10=0.53mA

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