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To reduce the ripples in a rectifier circuit with capacitor filter
A. RL should be increased.
B. input frequency should be decreased.
C. input frequency should be increased.
D. capacitors with high capacitance should be used.

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The answer is the option (a, c, d)

Ripple factor is defined as the ratio of r.m.s. value of the ripple to the absolute value of the direct current voltage of the output voltage. It is usually denoted in percentage. The ripple voltage is also expressed as peak to peak value. The ripple factor of a full-wave rectifier for a capacitor filter is given by:

r=\frac{0.236R}{\omega L}

Where L is inductance of the coil and \omega is the angular frequency.

or Ripple factor can also be given by

r=\frac{I}{4\sqrt{3}VR_{L}C_{Y}}\\ i.e \: r\infty \frac{I}{R_{L}}\Rightarrow r\infty \frac{I}{C}.r\infty \frac{I}{V}

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