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In a CE transistor amplifier there is a current and voltage gain associated with the circuit. In other words there is a power gain. Considering power a measure of energy, does the circuit violate conservation of energy?

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(i) dc \: current\: gain: \beta_{dc}=\frac{i_{c}}{i_{b}}

(ii) Voltage \: gain \: A_{v}=\frac{\triangle V_{0}}{\triangle V_{i}}=\beta _{ac}\times Resistance \: gain

(iii) Power \: gain \: =\frac{\triangle P_{0}}{\triangle P_{i}}=\beta^{2} _{ac}\times Resistance \: gain

In CE transistor amplifier, the power gain is extremely high. Here, the extra power required for the amplification is gained from DC source. Therefore, the circuit does not violate the law of conservation.

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