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Match the organisms given in Column I with their mode of nutrition given in Column II.

        Columan I     Columa II
    (a)    Mango Tree     (i)    Insectivorus Plant
    (b)    Mashroom         (ii)    Heterotroph
    (c)    Picher plant     (iii)    Autotroph    
    (d)    Cuscuta     (iv)    Saprophyte
    (e)    Elephant     (v)    Parasitc


Answers (1)

        Columan I     Columa II
    (a)    Mango Tree

    iii) Autotroph

    (b)    Mashroom    

     iv) Saprophyte

    (c)    Picher plant

     i) Insectivorous plant    

    (d)    Cuscuta

    v) Parasitic

    (e)    Elephant


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Sumit Saini

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