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There are two coils A and B separated by some distance. If a current of 2 A flows through A, a magnetic flux of 10^{-2} Wb passes through B (no current through B). If no current passes through A and a current of 1A passes through B, what is the flux through A ?

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The mutual inductance of coil B with respect to coil A is

M_{21}=\frac{N_{2}\phi _{2}}{I_{1}}

According to the problem, total flux N_{2}\phi _{2}= 10^{-2}Wb

Hence, the Mutual inductance =\frac{10^{-2}}{2}=5mH

As we know that mutual inductance is same for both the coils with respect to each other. So,


And let N_{1}\phi _{1} is the total flux through A if no current passes through A.

N_{1}\phi _{1}=M_{12}I_{2}=5mH\times 1 A=5\; m\; Wb

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