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8. Write a short paragraph on the harmful effects of microorganisms.

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The harmful effects of microorganisms are given below-

  • Microorganisms cause diseases in humans as well as animals. For example cholera and TB are caused by bacteria in humans.
  • In plants also diseases are caused by microorganisms. For example, citrus canker in plants is caused by bacteria and rust of wheat is caused by fungi.
  • Food poisoning is also caused by the microorganisms that spoils our food by producing some toxic substances. For example- when the bread is left in under moist condition gets spoilt by fungus.


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Microorganisms cause diseases in animals. For example : in humans bacteria cause diseases such as tubercolosis , cholera , typhoid , etc. In cattle , the foot and mouth disease is caused by a virus . Also several microbes cause diseases in plants. For example:citrus canker in plants which is caused by bacteria and also rust of wheat which is caused by fungi. Food poisoning is also vaused by microorganisms.

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