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 shows Frenkel defect because of the small size of  ion, it can easily fit in the interstitial sites while  can not as it is bigger in size.
Given- u= 80km/hrs V= 60km/hrs T=5sec First change km/hrs in m/sec 80km/hrs=22.22m/sec 60km/sec=16.66m/sec a= v-u/t 16.66m-22.22m/5sec -5.56m/5sec= -1.112m s^-2

The moon also attract earth but we do not feel. The mass of Earth is too much greater than the moon so we can only see that only Moon revolves around the Earth.

the shape of the following things are (a) Your instrument box- Cuboid (b) A brick- Cuboid (c) A matchbox-Cuboid (d) A road-roller- Cylinder (e) A sweet laddu-Sphere

1:-  0.5

2:-  2.5

The additive inverse of   The additive inverse of  The additive inverse of  

A binary number uses only two digits zero and one. In a binary system, numbers are represented as follows

0 00
1 01
2 10
3 11
4 100
5 101
6 110
7 111


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Ever observed an old glass window? It will be thicker at the base than the top.                        This shows that glass flows(at a very slow rate) and it can flow because it is amorphous.

Gravitational force at the midpoint will be zero. This is because both spheres are identical and their forces will be equal but opposite in direction. The gravitational potential is given by :                                                                                                                                                       or                                                   ...
Total energy = kinetic energy (KE) + potential energy(PE) KE > 0 since m and v2 is positive. If KE <0 particles cannot be find. If PE>TE, then KE<0 (now in all graph check for this condition) In case 1 kinetic energy is negative for x<a. So at x<a particle cannot be found. In case 2 for x<a and for x> b kinetic energy is negative. So the particle cannot be found in these regions. In the...
It cannot be said from the above-given graph whether the particle is moving along a straight line or along a parabolic path as the x-t graph does not tell us about the trajectory taken by the particle. From the given graph we can only say that the position of the particle along the x-axis does not change till time t=0 and after that it starts increasing in non-linear manner.

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