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Given- u= 80km/hrs V= 60km/hrs T=5sec First change km/hrs in m/sec 80km/hrs=22.22m/sec 60km/sec=16.66m/sec a= v-u/t 16.66m-22.22m/5sec -5.56m/5sec= -1.112m s^-2
Intial velocity ,=80km/h Final velocity =60km/h Time =5 sec Acc=final -inital /time=60-80/5=-20mpersecsq(retardation )
Convergent evolution is common for whale, seal and shark. Shark is poikilothermous. All three species show adaptations for aquatic life while these are not closely related. One of your Earthling friends offers to take you on a marine discovery adventure.

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the shape of the following things are (a) Your instrument box- Cuboid (b) A brick- Cuboid (c) A matchbox-Cuboid (d) A road-roller- Cylinder (e) A sweet laddu-Sphere

1:-  0.5

2:-  2.5

The additive inverse of   The additive inverse of  The additive inverse of  

electrode reaction

It should be Fe(OH)2 instead of EeO.H2.

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A binary number uses only two digits zero and one. In a binary system, numbers are represented as follows

0 00
1 01
2 10
3 11
4 100
5 101
6 110
7 111


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Ever observed an old glass window? It will be thicker at the base than the top.                        This shows that glass flows(at a very slow rate) and it can flow because it is amorphous.