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The orbital period in days is         Mass is given by :                                                                Thus the ratio of the mass of Jupiter and mass of the sun is :                                                 or                                                        or                                                       Thus the mass of Jupiter is nearly one-thousandth...
Time taken by planet to complete a revolution around sun  =        Using Kepler's law of planetary motion we can write :                                                    or                                                  or                                                   Thus the planet is 0.63 times smaller than earth.
(a) Acceleration due to gravity decreases with increasing altitude.        The relation between the two is given by :                                                 (b) Acceleration due to gravity decreases with increasing depth.                               The relation is given below:                                                (c)  Acceleration due to gravity is independent of the mass...
Apart from the gravitational pull, the tidal effect also depends upon the cube of the distance between the two. Since the distance between earth and sun is much larger than the distance between the sun and moon so it not also balances but is more than the effect of gravitational force. Thus the tidal effect of the moon’s pull is greater than the tidal effect of the sun.