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The material which fractures at higher stress is said to be stronger. As we can see in the given Stress-Strain graphs the stress at which the material fractures is higher in A than that in B we conclude that A is the stronger material.
As we can see in the given Stress-Strain graphs that the slope is more in the graph corresponding to material A. We conclude that A has a greater Young's Modulus.
The Yield Strength is approxmiately  for the given material. We can see above this value of strain, the body stops behaving elastically.
Young’s modulus is given as the ratio of stress to strain when the body is behaving elastically.  For the given material
Let the Young's Modulus of steel and copper be YS and YC respectively. Length of the steel wire lS = 4.7 m Length of the copper wire lC = 4.7 m The cross-sectional area of the steel wire AS =  The cross-sectional area of the Copper wire AC =  Let the load and the change in the length be F and  respectively Since F and  is the same for both wires we have The ratio of Young’s modulus of steel...