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Purification of water for drinking is very important for some of the regions as the people living there are having many water-related diseases. Also, the pure water is limited so we need to develop many techniques for purification of the water. 
Development of new and powerful techniques of chemical and biological warfare is not good for society as it only has a bad effect on maintaining peace in the world. Further, they may also be used by terrorists which is harmful to safety for the citizens. 
Nuclear weapons are the most dangerous weapons in the current world as they may wipe off not only a country but they also have long term effects. Thus nuclear elements should only be used for the generation of electricity.
Scientists as other human have hobbies and are humorists. For e.g, Albert Einstein had the hobby of playing the violin. So apart from doing their serious work on physics they also have fun in their lifestyle. Thus the image of science and scientists is patently false which states that science is tough and boring. You may read a few of the books which supports the above statement and tell you...
There many equations that struck the physicist such as Newton's law of motion and the famous mass-energy equation of  Einstein which then became the path-breaking for the physics. Thus the given statement is true.
There are many examples in the world which shows women are nowhere behind the men. For e.g.  Indira Gandhi,  Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla etc. have proved themselves in their respective field. There might be some biological differences between men and women but that doesn't make men superior, at least not in the modern world.
Since we have progressed at a very high rate in recent time but we need to discover many other things in the universe (as the universe holds many secrets within itself). Moreover, the person using the knowledge has only two options either construction or destruction it depends upon the thinking of one.
In today's world, we travel to places by means of aircraft fuelled by petrol but in the twenty-second century, we may see a journey to a distant star which is located hundreds of light-years away from the earth with the help of a spaceship (which is not bounded by fuel consumption). Also, we might see the interference of aliens our colony on other planets. Then, there might be a war for...
Some of the advances were :  (i) Steam engine:-  It revolutionised the complete transport system at that time. (ii) Blast furnace:- The temperature required to melt the iron was now able to achieve using blast furnace. (iii) Cotton Jenny:- It reduced the time for collecting cotton.