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Ascariasis- It transmits through food and water contaminated with eggs of the parasite.  
Malaria- It transmits from one person to another by means of female Anopheles mosquito. When this mosquito bites a diseased person, along with blood it takes the parasite and while biting a healthy person, the parasite transfers to the healthy person. 
Amoebiasis- It transmits via the consumption of water and food contaminated by amoebic cysts.
Biological research and tools always have been helpful in controlling and eradicating infectious or communicable diseases. biology helps us in various ways, some of them are: 1. By using the knowledge of biology we can, know the nature of the diseases. 2. To find out the mode of transmission of disease, biology plays a very important role, for example,if a person show symptoms like vomiting or...
Health measures as a safeguard against infectious diseases The public health measures that can be taken to avoid infectious diseases are as follows: 1. Vaccination- The populations should be vaccinated timely and properly so that they don't develop diseases. For cholera. TB, hepatitis vaccinations are available 2. Education and awareness- Everybody should be educated or made aware of the...