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We know,   Given, Capacity of vessel = Capacity of a single glass =  Number of glasses required to fill the vessel = Hence, 180 glasses are needed to fill the vessel completely.
We know,  Given, Distance between the school and her house = The distance she covers each day =    Therefore, she will cover   in six days.
We know, Weight of each medicine box= Weight limit of the van =  The number of boxes that can be loaded in the van = Hence, 177 boxes can be loaded in the van.
We know, Given, Lenght of cloth required to stitch a shirt = Also, Now, the cloth required for one shirt = Number of shirts that can be stitched out = Therefore, 18 shirts can be made from the given cloth. And,  cloth will remain unused.
Given, The student multiplied instead of . Wrong answer =  Correct answer =   The difference in the answers = Hence, his answer was greater than the correct answer by
Total money merchant has = Cost of one radio set =  Cost of 40 radio sets =  Money left with the merchant = Therefore, money left with her after purchase = 
Given, Screws produced by machine in one day = We know, there are 31 days in January   Screws produced in 31 days = Therefore, screws produced in January 2006 =
Given, digits: 6, 2, 7, 4 and 3  Since, the digits have to be used only once, arrange them in ascending and descending order to get the minimum and maximum number. Greatest number = Smallest number =  The difference between the greatest and the least number
Given, Worth of books sold in the first week = Worth of books sold in the second week = Total sale in the two weeks = Clearly, sales in the second week is greater than the first year by 
Given, Number of votes registered by the successful candidate = 5, 77,500 votes Number of votes registered by the rival candidate = 3, 48,700 votes The margin                   Therefore, the successful candidate won the election by a margin of votes.
The number of runs scored by Shekhar so far = 6980 The number of runs shekhar wishes to score = 10,000  The number of runs required = Therefore, Shekhar requires . 
Given, Tickets sold on the first day of exhibition = 1094 Tickets sold on the second day = 1812 Tickets sold on the third day  = 2050 Tickets sold on the last day = 2751 Total number of tickets sold =  Total number of tickets sold =