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(a)(i) Acute angled triangle.     (ii) Isosceles triangle. (b)(i) Right angled triangle.     (ii) Scalane triangle. (c)(i) Obtuse angled triangle.     (ii) Isosceles triangle. (d)(i) Right angled triangle.     (ii) Isosceles triangle. (e)(i) Acute angled triangle.     (ii) Equilateral triangle. (f)(i) Obtuse angled triangle.    (ii) Scalane triangle.      
Measure of triangles Types of triangle (i) 3 sides of equal length (e)Equilateral (ii) 2 sides of equal length (g) Isoscles (iii) All sides of different length (a) Scalene (iv) 3 acute angles (f) Acute angled   (v) 1 right angle (d)Right angled (vi) 1 obtuse angle (c) Obtuse angled (vii) 1 right angle with two sides of equal length (b) Isoscles right angled