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4. If \Delta DEF \cong \Delta BCA, write the part(s) of \Delta BCA that correspond to

    (i)\; \angle E                (ii) \; \overline{EF}                (iii) \; \angle F                 (iv) \; \overline{DF}

Given, The part of  that correspond to                                                   

3. If \Delta ABC\cong \Delta FED under the correspondence ABC\leftrightarrow FED, write all the corresponding congruent parts of the triangles.

Corresponding parts of the two congruent triangles are : Sides: Angles:

2. Give any two real-life examples for congruent shapes.

Any two things that have identical shape and size are congruent like all the same kind of pens are congruent to one another. every same kind of bench in class are congruent to one another.all the similar football is congruent to one another.

1.  Complete the following statements:

(a) Two line segments are congruent if ___________.
 (b) Among two congruent angles, one has a measure of 70^{o}; the measure of the other angle is ___________.
 (c) When we write \angle A = \angle B, we actually mean ___________.

a)Two line segments are congruent if they are identical in shape and size and which is the case when the length of two line segments are equal.  b)  As the congruent things are a photocopy of each other. c) When we write , We mean that both the angles(A & B) are equal.