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6. Take the data giving the minimum and the maximum temperature of various cities given in the beginning of this Chapter (Table 3.1). Plot a double bar graph using the data and answer the following:
(i) Which city has the largest difference in the minimum and maximum temperature on the given date?
(ii) Which is the hottest city and which is the coldest city?
(iii) Name two cities where maximum temperature of one was less than the minimum temperature of the other.
(iv) Name the city which has the least difference between its minimum and the maximum temperature.

Table 3.1 is  The double bar graph is : (i) From the graph, Jammu has the largest difference between the maximum and minimum temperature bars.  Jammu is the city with the largest difference in its maximum temperature and minimum temperatures on the given date.   (ii) The city with the maximum temperature would be the hottest. And the city with the least temperature will be the...

5. Consider this data collected from a survey of a colony.
(i) Draw a double bar graph choosing an appropriate scale.
What do you infer from the bar graph?
(ii) Which sport is most popular?
(iii) Which is more preferred, watching or participating in sports?

(i)   The double bar graph represents the number of people who like watching and participating in various sports. We observe that, The maximum number of people like either watching or participating in cricket. The minimum number of people like either watching or participating in athletics. (ii) According to the graph, the tallest bar is of cricket. Hence, cricket is the most popular...

4. The performance of a student in 1st Term and 2nd Term is given. Draw a double bar graph choosing appropriate scale and answer the following:
(i) In which subject, has the child improved his performance the most?
(ii) In which subject is the improvement the least?
(iii) Has the performance gone down in any subject?

(i) According to the graph, Maths had the maximum increase in marks. Hence, The child improved his performance the most in Maths.   (ii)  According to the graph, S.Science had the least increase in marks. Hence, The child improved his performance the least in S.Science.   (iii) According to the graph, Hindi's marks went down in the second term Hence, The child’s performance has gone down in Hindi.

3. Number of children in six different classes are given below. Represent the data on a bar graph.
(a) How would you choose a scale?
(b) Answer the following questions:
(i) Which class has the maximum number of children? And the minimum?
(ii) Find the ratio of students of class sixth to the students of class eight.

(a) The scale : 1 unit = 10 children. (b) (i) Class fifth has the maximum number of children.  Whereas, class tenth has the minimum number of children (ii) Number of students in class sixth = 120 Number of students in class eight = 100 Therefore, the required ratio =  Required ratio is 

2. Read the bar graph (Fig 3.4) which shows the number of books sold by a bookstore during five consecutive years and answer the following questions:
       (i) About how many books were sold in 1989? 1990? 1992?
      (ii) In which year were about 475 books sold? About 225 books sold?

      (iii) In which years were fewer than 250 books sold?
      (iv) Can you explain how you would estimate the number of books sold in 1989?


(i) Observing the graph, Number of books sold in 1989 = 180 Number of books sold in 1992 = 220 Number of books sold in 1990 = 480 (ii)  475 books were sold in the year 1990 225 books were sold in the year 1992 (iii)  The years in which the total number of books sold was less than 250 are 1989 and 1992. (iv) Around 175 books were sold in the year 1989. By drawing a line from the top of 1989 bar...

1. Use the bar graph (Fig 3.3) to answer the following questions.
      (a) Which is the most popular pet? (b) How many students have dog as a pet?


(a) The bar graph represents the pets owned by the students of class seven. And, The bar of the cat is the tallest Hence, cat is the most popular pet. (b) The bar of the dog is reaches the value 8 8 students have dog as pet.