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Q. There are two types of boxes containing mangoes. Each box of the larger type contains 4 more mangoes than the number of mangoes contained in 8 boxes of the smaller type. Each larger box contains 100 mangoes. Find the number of mangoes contained in the smaller box?

Let the number of mangoes in the smaller box be n. Then according to the question,we have :                                              or                                                       or                                                          Hence the number of mangoes in the the smaller box is 12.

(i) When you multiply a number by 6 and subtract 5 from the product, you get 7. Can you tell what the number is?

(ii) What is that number one third of which added to 5  gives 8?

(i) Let the number be n. Then according to question, we have :                          or                                   or                                       (ii) Let the number be x. Then according to question,        

Q. The value of the expression (10y – 20) depends on the value of y. Verify this by giving five different values to y and finding for each y the value of (10 y – 20). From the different values of (10y – 20) you obtain, do you see a solution to 10y – 20 = 50? If there is no solution, try giving more values to y and find whether the condition 10y – 20 = 50 is met.

(i) Let y = 2 . We have :                         (ii) Let y = 3 . We have :                         (iii) Let y = 4 . We have :                         (iv) Let y = 5 . We have :                          (v) Let y = 6 . We have :                            Hence 10y - 20 depends upon y.   Now, consider            Transpose  - 20 to the RHS :                                    or               ...