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The additive inverse of   The additive inverse of  The additive inverse of  
Area of the parallelogram is the product of base and height
Area of the parallelogram is the product of base and height
The arc length of the circle is slightly greater than the side length of the inner square. Therefore circumference of the inner circle is greater than the inner square
The outer square has a larger perimeter. Since each side of the inner square forms a triangle. The length of the third side of a triangle is less than the sum of the other two lengths.
ha represents hectare 1 ha is 10000 m2 therefor
The total area of rectangle  i) The first rectangle is divided into 6 equal parts. So the area of each part will be one-sixth of the total area  ii) The rectangle is divided into 4 equal parts, area of each part= one-forth area of rectangle= 6 cm2 iii) and (iv) are divided into two equal parts. Area of each part will be one half the total area of rectangle= 12  cm2 v) Area of rectangle is...
 Area of a rectangle with length = 20cm, breadth = 5 cm is 100cm2 and perimeter is 50 cm. A rectangle with sides 50 cm and 2 cm ha area = 100cm2  but perimeter is 104 cm  
A square of side 1m has perimeter 4 m and area 1 m2. When all sides are increased by 1m then perimeter =8m and area= 4 m2. Similarly if we increase the length from 6m to 9m and breadth from 3m to 6m  of a rectangular the perimeter and area will increase