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Q.10    There is a pentagonal shaped park as shown in the figure. For finding its area Jyoti and Kavita divided it in two different ways.


            Find the area of this park using both ways. Can you suggest some other way of finding its area?


Area of pentagonal park according to Jyoti's diagram :-                        = 2(Area of trapezium)   =   Area of pentagonal park according to Kavita's diagram :-                        = Area of triangle + Area of square.                      

Top surface of a raised platform is in the shape of a regular octagon as shown in the figure. Find the area of the octagonal surface.


Area of octagonal surface = Area of rectangular surface + 2(Area of trapezium surface) Area of recatangular surface =  Area of trapezium surface =                                                     So total area of octagonal surface = 55 + 2(32) = 55 + 64 = 119 

  The floor of a building consists of 3000 tiles which are rhombus shaped and each of its diagonals are 45 cm and 30 cm in length. Find the total cost of polishing the floor, if the cost per m^{2} is  4.

Area of 1 tile =  Area of 3000 tiles =  Total cost of polishing =  

6     Find the area of a rhombus whose side is 5 cm and whose altitude is 4.8 cm. If one of its diagonals is 8 cm long, find the length of the other diagonal.

Rhombus is a type of parallelogram and area of parallelogram is product of base and height. So,Area of rhombus = base  height                                                         Let the other diagonal be x Area of rhombus =

3 Length of the fence of a trapezium shaped field ABCD is 120 m. If BC = 48 m, CD = 17 m and AD = 40 m, find the area of this field. Side AB is perpendicular to the parallel sides AD and BC.

 , and , Length of the fence of a trapezium shaped field  =  =                                                                                                                                                                                                    Area of trapezium =  

2  The area of a trapezium is 34 cm^{2} and the length of one of the parallel sides is 10 cm and its height is 4 cm. Find the length of the other parallel side.


Let the length of the other parallel side be x area of a trapezium =   cm Hence,the length of the other parallel side is 7cm

1 The shape of the top surface of a table is a trapezium. Find its area if its parallel sides are 1 m and 1.2 m and perpendicular distance between them is  0.8 m.

Area of table =