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Number of students like hockey is twice the students like football, i.e.,2n Number of students like tennis is half the students like football, i.e.,  
(a) Munnu's age  = x years     Munnu’s younger brother is 2years younger than him =  years        Munnu’s elder  brother is 4years older than him =  years   His father is 7 years more than thrice of his age =   
           (f) is multiplied by and then  is added to the result=             (g) is multiplied by and the result is subtracted from              (h)  is multiplied by  and the result is added to 
              (a) added to                  (b)  subtracted from                c)  times y to which is added             (d)  times y from which is subtracted             (e) is multiplied by
           (a) added to               (b) subtracted from             (c) multiplied by             (d) divided by               (e) subtracted from             (f) multiplied by             (g) divided by               (h) multiplied by 
             (a)                                                                                                                            (b)                                                                         (c)                                     (d)