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   Find the difference between \frac{7}{8} and \frac{3}{8} .

the difference between and  is given by

    Sohan was putting covers on his note books. He put one fourth of the covers on Monday. He put another one fourth on              Tuesday and the remaining on Wednesday. What fraction of the covers did he put on Wednesday?

He put covers on Monday= He put the cover on Tuesday = and the remaining on Wednesday. Thus, the fraction of the covers he put on Wednesday =                                                                                                                                                             

    Mother asked Neelu and her brother to pick stones from the wheat. Neelu picked one-fourth of the total stones in it and her brother also picked up one-fourth of the stones. What fraction of the stones did both pick up together?

. Neelu picked stones       brother picked up the stones The total fraction of the stones they both pick up together  of total stones.

   My mother divided an apple into 4 equal parts. She gave me two parts and my brother one part. How much apple did she give to both of us together?

mother gave to me  part mother gave to my brother   part She gave both off us    part

   Arrange the following in ascending and descending order :

            (c) Write 3 more similar examples and arrange them in ascending and descending order.

the following in ascending and descending order are: (i)  and  (ii)  and  (iii)  and                   

Q. 1.     Arrange the following in ascending and descending order :

            (b) \frac{3}{7},\frac{3}{11},\frac{3}{5},\frac{3}{2},\frac{3}{13},\frac{3}{4},\frac{3}{17}

the following in ascending and descending order are  :             (b)              

   Arrange the following in ascending and descending order :

            (a)  \frac{1}{12},\frac{1}{23},\frac{1}{5},\frac{1}{7},\frac{1}{50},\frac{1}{9},\frac{1}{17}

            (a)                    and   

9.  Jaidev takes 2\frac{1}{5}  minutes to walk across the school ground. Rahul takes \frac{7}{4} minutes to do the same. Who takes less time and by what fraction?

Firstly, let us convert the time taken by Jaidev in improper fraction from mixed fraction.                                        Now, comparing both, we have :                              Also,                Hence Rahul takes less time as compared to Jaidev by      fraction.

8. Asha and Samuel have bookshelves of the same size partly filled with books. Asha’s shelf is \frac{5}{6}th  full and Samuel’s shelf is  \frac{2}{5}th full. Whose bookshelf is more full? By what fraction?

If we compare the bookshelves of both, we obtain that :                          Also,                Hence the bookshelf of Asha is more full and by  fraction.  

7. Nandini’s house is \frac{9}{10}\; km from her school. She walked some distance and then took a bus for  \frac{1}{2}\; km  to reach the school. How far did she walk?

The distance Nandini walked is given by :-         Hence she walked .

6.  A piece of wire  \frac{7}{8}  metre long broke into two pieces. One piece was \frac{1}{4}  metre long. How long is the other piece?

Let the length of another piece of wire be x. Thus,                                       Hence the length of other part is   .                                         

5.  Complete the addition-subtraction box.


The required box is given below :-                                 

5.  Complete the addition-subtraction box.


The required table is shown below :-             

4.  Fill in the boxes :

            (a)   \square-\frac{5}{8}=\frac{1}{4}

            (b)  \square-\frac{1}{5}=\frac{1}{2}

            (c)  \frac{1}{2}-\square =\frac{1}{6}

(a)     :-              (b)       :-         (c)      :-      

3. Naina was given1\frac{1}{2}  piece of cake and Najma was given 1\frac{1}{3}  piece of cake. Find the total amount of cake was given to both of them.

Total amount of cake given to both  =  Cake given to Naina    +    Cake given to Najma                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

2. Sarita bought  \frac{2}{5}  metre of ribbon and Lalita \frac{3}{4}  metre of ribbon. What is the total length of the ribbon they bought?

The total length of ribbon is given :-    Thus total length of ribbon is  .

1.    Solve

            (g)  \frac{3}{4}-\frac{1}{3}                       (h)  \frac{5}{5}-\frac{1}{3}                            (i)  \frac{2}{3}+\frac{3}{4}+\frac{1}{2}

            (j)  \frac{1}{2}+\frac{1}{3}+\frac{1}{6}                (k)  1\frac{1}{3}+3\frac{2}{3}                        (l)  4\frac{2}{3}+3\frac{1}{4}

           (m)  \frac{16}{5}-\frac{7}{5}                       (n)   \frac{4}{3}-\frac{1}{2}

    (g)           (h)          (i)                                                 (j)        (k)            (l)   \     (m)             (n)   

1.   Solve

             (a)   \frac{2}{3}+\frac{1}{7}                 (b)  \frac{3}{10}+\frac{7}{15}                (c)   \frac{4}{9}+\frac{2}{7}

             (d)  \frac{5}{7}+\frac{1}{3}                  (e)   \frac{2}{5}+\frac{1}{6}                      (f)   \frac{4}{5}+\frac{2}{3}



    (a)          (b)          (c)     (d)     (e)      (f)       

5.  Javed was given \frac{5}{7} of a basket of oranges. What fraction of oranges was left in the basket?

The total fraction of oranges in the basket are   . Thus the fraction of oranges left is :   

4.  Fill in the missing fractions.

             (a)   \frac{7}{10}-\square =\frac{3}{10}

            (b)   -\square \frac{3}{21}=\frac{5}{21}

            (c)   \square- \frac{3}{6}=\frac{3}{6}

            (d)   \square+ \frac{5}{27}=\frac{12}{27}

(a)         or      (b)         or        (c)                           (d)                 or