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We have, PR + QR = 25 cm.............(i) PQ = 5 cm and  According to question, In triangle PQR, By using Pythagoras theorem, PR - QR = 1........(ii) From equation(i) and equation(ii), we get; PR = 13 cm  and QR = 12 cm. therefore,
Given a triangle ABC, right-angled at  B and     According to question, By using Pythagoras theorem, AC = 2  Now,  Therefore,   
Given that,   ABC is a right-angled triangle in which  and the length of the base AB is 4 units and length of perpendicular is 3 units By using Pythagoras theorem, In triangle ABC, AC = 5 units So,    Put the values of above trigonometric ratios, we get; LHS  RHS
Given that,  perpendicular  (AB) = 8 units and Base (AB) = 7 units Draw a right-angled triangle ABC in which  Now, By using Pythagoras theorem, So,                and             
We have, A and B are two acute angles of triangle ABC and  According to question, In triangle ABC,   Therefore, A =  B   [angle opposite to equal sides are equal]
We have,  It means Hypotenuse of the triangle is 13 units and the base is 12 units. Let ABC is a right-angled triangle in which B is 90 and AB is the base, BC is perpendicular height and AC is the hypotenuse. By using Pythagoras theorem, BC = 5 unit Therefore,  
We have,    It implies that In the triangle ABC in which . The length of AB be 8 units and the length of BC  = 15 units Now, by using Pythagoras theorem,  units So,                   and                  
Suppose ABC is a right-angled triangle in which  and we have  So,  Let the length of AB be 4 unit and the length of BC = 3 unit So, by using Pythagoras theorem,  units Therefore,    and 
We have, PQR is a right-angled triangle, length of PQ and PR are 12 cm and 13 cm respectively. So, by using Pythagoras theorem, Now, According to question,  =                                 = 5/12 - 5/12  = 0
We have, In , B = 90, and the length of the base (AB) = 24 cm and length of perpendicular (BC) = 7 cm  So, by using Pythagoras theorem, Therefore,                                         AC = 25 cm Now, (i)       (ii)  For angle C, AB is perpendicular to the base (BC).  Here B  indicates to Base and P means perpendicular wrt angle C So,          and