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How to find relative density?

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  • Density is one of the basic physical properties of a substance which can be used along with its other unique properties to characterize it. The relative density of solids or liquids is the ratio between the mass of a volume of a substance to be examined, determined at 20^{\circ} C , and the mass of the same volume of water, determined at 4^{\circ} C. The relative density has no dimension. The density, \rho , of a substance is the quotient of the mass, m, and its volume, v. The density \rho, is given, in SI units, in kg/m3.

\text { Density }=\frac{\text {mass of substance}}{\text {Volume of substance}}


\text { Relative density }=\frac{\text {Density of substance}}{\text {Density of water}}

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