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Its super urgent. Plz tell me the activity required to proove that a spoon sound like a bell.

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The sound wave involves the vibration of the particles of the medium through which they travel. That's why a spoon can sound like a bell. There's a property of metals which says that metals are sonorous, which means they create ringing sound when struck or hit. A spoon will also create a bell-like sound due to this property of metals.

To prove vibrating spoon can sound like a bell.

Apparatus Required :             
1.Two spoons            
 2. String.

The handle of the spoon is tied at the mid point of the string, then wrap the ends of the string around pointer fingers. Now bring another spoon and hit the first spoon with it. after hitting there will be a vibration in the spoon and when you bring the spoon close to your ears, you will hear a sound.

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