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One minute speech on topic adventure

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Good morning esteemed principal, teachers and my dear friends. Today, I will be speaking on the topic ‘Adventure’. Adventure can be defined as an unusual or exciting experience which could be  daring and thrilling. Adventure can be something which you do out of your comfort zone and you derive pleasure and joy out of it. People become confident on going on adventures. Adventure is a part of human life. We as humans need diverse experiences in our lives. A typical life can be monotonous. That is why people seek thrill and adventure to get off their typical routine and enjoy life more. Adventurous activities like paragliding , surfing, camping, trekking, scuba diving etc. can give someone pleasure. Everyone has their own way of going on an adventure. Some go on treks, climb mountains, run marathons, face their fears or anything which they thought they could never do. Anything that could give them a sense of fulfillment can be an adventure. Adventure may lead to a new discovery within yourself. Life is too short to not be adventurous. Thank you. 


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Deependra Verma

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